Bend Studio Unveils New Logo, Reveals First Details of its Next Project

Bend Studios today revealed a new logo for their studio, and provided some first details about its next big project.

With 29 years of game development experience under their belt, Bend Studio has opted to refresh it’s logo. The new logo embraces the studio’s home in Bend, Oregon with the Cascade Mountains taking a prominent place in the design. Its a fresh look for a studio working on a fresh new IP.

Bend Studio got it start in 1993, but didn’t gain major fame until 1999 with the release of Syphon Filter. Sony would acquire the studio shortly after in 2000. The studio would continue working on the Syphon Filter franchise until, in 2009, they released the beloved Resistance: Retribution on PSP. They would follow that up with Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PS Vita. Finally, in 2018, the studio would return to console for the first time in years with Days Gone. While flawed, the game served as a great foundation for a potential follow-up.

Unfortunately, a follow-up isn’t in the cards. Instead, the studio is working on a brand new IP that incorporates multiplayer and open-world systems developed in Days Gone. It’ll be a whole new world and separate from anything the studio has developed before. As for exact details, we’ll have to wait and see what the studio has cooking for us.

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