Bethesda in Talks with Nintendo About NX, Uncertain About Supporting It

Bethesda Softworks has been deep in discussions about Nintendo’s upcoming NX, but isn’t sure whether or not they’ll support it.

Bethesda Softworks has not been a big supporter of Nintendo hardware. Their games skipped the Wii due to hardware limitations. However, when the HD Wii U came out, Bethesda was one of the few third-party developers to not support the console. With the NX coming out, will Bethesda skip another Nintendo console? Turns out they don’t know yet.

Speaking with Finer at Quakecon, Bethesda VP Pete Hines revealed that the company has been in talks with Nintendo about NX. While his team will look at the platform, he said it was too early to say whether they’ll be supporting the machine.

“It’s definitely something we will look at; and our philosophy is that we will put our games out on any format that supports the games as we envisage and make them. If the NX fits that from a technical standpoint, and fits the game that a developer in our stable is making, I don’t see why we would not put it out on NX. But it’s too early to say, ‘we’ll definitely be putting games out or not.”

While concrete information on NX remains sparse, leaked info from Eurogamer suggests that the NX will be a handheld capable of outputting visuals somewhere in-between the Wii U and Xbox One. Nintendo is attempting to be aggressive with its software output by releasing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon, and Mario within the first six months of the hardware’s lifecycle. Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros. have all reportedly committed to bringing titles to the platform. Notably absent are EA, Bandai Namco, and, of course, Bethesda Softworks.