Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 Fully Supports Android Version of Beyond Touch App

Beyond Touch, an app that was specifically designed to work alongside PlayStation-exclusive Beyond: Two Souls, is now supporting the PlayStation 4 remastered version of Quantic Dream’s interactive action-adventure drama.

The French developer made the announcement today on Twitter, confirming that the Android version of the app is “fully functional” with Beyond: Two Souls.

Earlier this month, Quantic Dream released an update that made the iOS app of Beyond Touch compatible with the PS4 title.

Beyond Touch, which was released in 2013, can be accessed on either smartphones or tablets, allowing players to use the app as a means of controlling one of the two playable characters in Beyond: Two Souls — Jodie Holmes and Aiden — without the need for a DualShock controller.

Beyond: Two Souls’ writer and director, David Cage, spoke about the title last month to mark its re-release as a digital download on PS4.

In the Q&A, Cage revealed that Quantic Dream has no current plans for developing a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls, he wouldn’t change anything in the title for the sake of compromising “the sincerity of the work” and also saying that it’s “probably the least influenced story I’ve written in my career.”

Quantic Dream announced at E3 2015 that it would be re-releasing Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 along with its other critically acclaimed PlayStation 3-exclusive title, Heavy Rain.

The Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection is scheduled for release on March 1, 2016, in North America, March 2 in Europe and March 4 in the UK for PS4.

In October 2015, Cage unveiled Quantic Dream’s next title, Detroit: Become Human, during Sony’s Paris Games Week media briefing.