Bible Game Call of Abraham Closes Crowdfunding With Less Than A Grand

Like the biblical character it boasts in its title, Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham had a tough road to face when it launched its initial Kickstarter campaign. Requesting $100,000 for development was one of many mistakes that riddled its attempt, particularly because the game looks like an unrefined Dreamcast title.

Were they expecting a miracle? Did a higher power insist they produce this title? I don’t know — but the game screamed scam from the moment I saw its jagged, disgustingly constructed everything. Although it did prove once and for all that God is too busy helping the guys at Valve work on Half Life 3 to tinker with nonsense. Maybe.

As such, no religious marvel occurred. Since the Kickstarter blunder, the developers relaunched the campaign on IndieGoGo — a website riddled with con-artists, as goals don’t need to be reached for the cash to go through. The internet wasn’t willing to gamble on the potential scam, however, and Call of Abraham walked away with a cool $875 — just enough for a weekend in Vegas with off-Strip buffets and some light gambling.

Perhaps religion and video games weren’t meant to mix.