Bigmode to Publish Metroidvania Title Animal Well as Debut Game

In September of last year, popular gaming YouTuber Jason “dunkey” Gastrow surprised everyone when he announced that him and his wife would be starting up their own indie publishing company, Bigmode. The announcement was met with a bit of a mixed reception, as some were concerned about dunkey’s lack of experience in publishing, or their claim that they helped games like Hollow Knight and Celeste become successful that came off as a little egotistical, or other factors. Still, dunkey does seem to be coming from a place of sincerity when it comes to wanting to help out promising games, so there are definitely more than enough reasons to root for Bigmode’s success. Of course, it helps that they revealed their debut title as a publisher today, and it is quite the impressive one: The puzzling metroidvania game Animal Well.

The announcement was officially made at the start of dunkey’s “Best of 2022” video recently, which you can check out below. Apparently, it wowed them quite a bit when it was shown off at E3 last year, having had an impressive Day of the Devs showcase, and dunkey got to know the game’s developer Billy Basso well after that, and so here we are now. Animal Well promises to put an even greater emphasis on puzzles and experimentation when it comes to metroidvania games, with items that have multiple uses, several ways to change the environment, and the boast that players will be finding secrets for years. Topped off with an eye-catching visual style and what looks like impressive platforming, and it looks like a terrific start for Bigmode and a damn good game overall to watch out for. No release window has been announced yet, but stay tuned for more information as it comes in over time.