BioWare Details 90-Day Roadmap for Anthem

Anthem saw its general launch today, and accompanying it is the reveal of a new ninety day roadmap from BioWare. Anthem’s head of Live Service, Chad Robertson, released a brief entry on the Bioware blog expressing his enthusiasm for the launch of Anthem and the beginning of post launch support. Robertson acknowledged that the game is in need of some work and pointed readers to the Anthem roadmap describing the next two months of service the game will be receiving in order to address this need.

According to this roadmap, Anthem will be receiving consistent updates aimed at improving the game’s overall quality of life as well as refreshes for the microtransaction store, alliance coin and recurring challenges. In February, fans can expect to see three new freeplay events: “Outlaw Outrage,” “Shaper Surge” and “There Be Giants.” March will bring in new items for players to collect, the first phase of “legendary missions,” new cosmetics, the “Cortex Locked” freeplay event, and the reoccurrence of February’s freeplay events.

Those freeplay events will also be making an appearance in April along with another helping of new content. In this month, dedicated freelancers will finally be able to engage with the “Mastery System,” receive new rewards for their efforts, take on the freeplay events introduced in previous months, see what phase two of legendary missions has to offer, challenge “The Sunken” stronghold, form guilds and see how they rank on newly-implemented online leaderboards. From there, it’ll probably be a combination of fan feedback and BioWare/EA’s priorities that determines what comes next.

Anthem has had quite the rough launch so far, it’s become very clear that the game needs work. This road map is definitely a good start, but the game will likely require far more polishing and revising before its in a state that many would consider acceptable. It might sound like a tall order, but it’s been done before. One need only look at the Division or Rainbow Six: Siege for good examples.

Anthem is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.