BIT.TRIP RERUNNER Now Available on PC with Special Bundle Pricing

The BIT.TRIP series was a WiiWare staple and one of the first franchises that went from the Wii to PC pretty seamlessly. In the case of Runner, it has been the most-enduring of the BIT.TRIP games – getting two follow-ups and now a remake. However, while the first game had an almost Atari 2600-esque art style alongside more color gradience than would be possible then for its backgrounds, it was a simple-looking game – but one that could run on pretty much anything. The sequels featured fully 3D character models and environments and that same art style is brought back now for the remake – offering a completely different visual experience.

RERUNNER’s big bonus compared to either Runner 2 or Runner 3 is that it has a level creation suite – offering the first official way to make stages in this art style. Other runners have had creation tools before, but with a super-simplistic art style. This has a pretty gorgeous look for the genre and RERUNNER gives you a pretty nice step by step tutorial on the principles behind each part of a BIT.TRIP RUNNER stage’s design. Many games just tell you steps, but by going into why things go where they do, you get a little mini-tutorial on game design.

BIT.TRIP RERUNNER has a lot to offer those who enjoyed the first game especially, but also those who loved the second and third games and always wanted to see the first one in that art style. It plays like a dream and in terms of getting used to a runner game, BIT.TRIP RUNNER remains a great one because it slowly teaches you every core mechanic. RERUNNER does that same thing, but looks a lot more modern while also running on pretty much any device you can imagine now. I plays great on the ROG Ally too and the vibrant colors really pop on its gorgeous screen.

BIT.TRIP RERUNNER is available on its own for a special launch price for $15.99 or as a part of a BIT.TRIP RUNNER MEGA BUNDLE for $10.40 if you own prior games in the series. For me, that pricing came about because I owned everything but an OST for Runner 2 and RERUNNER – so your mileage may vary there. Still, even at a hair under $16, it’s a great price for a brand-new release and an absolute no-brainer at $10 and some change. I’m amazed that you can get a game day-one at such a low price thanks to being a loyal customer in the past, especially with those games likely being maybe a few dollar pickups on sale – but it’s a great value for the money.

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