Bizarre Post-Apocalyptic-Cat-Survival-Platformer Rain World Launches Kickstarter

You are a Catslug. It is raining, and the rain will probably kill you. That is, if the giant monsters stalking the streets don’t kill you first. Or if you don’t die of hunger. It’s a tough world for a lone Catslug. Whatever that is. Whatever it is other than FREAKING ADORABLE, I mean.


So, Project Rain World. It’s a game about a world where it rains, and the rain is so heavy that it can crush your bones. I can think of another good name for this, but Quantic Dream took it already. It’s also a stealth/survival platformer with a lot of 16-bit influences, where you have to hunt things while things hunt you. So there’s a little bit of Tokyo Jungle  in there, which is rad. This whole game, generally speaking, looks pretty rad, though a little hard to describe. It has nifty, physics-driven animation systems that make the gameplay look smooth as butter (reminiscent of Another World), and a pretty kicking chiptune soundtrack.

The game just went up on kickstarter, so if it intrigues you as much as it does me, kick a few bucks its way. Or heck, kick a lot of bucks its way and get yourself a limited Catslug plush. They look mad cute.