Black Ops 4: Treyarch Details Changes to be Made Post-Beta

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta has come and gone, and Treyarch is now working on the finishing touches before the game launches on October 12. They received tons of feedback and wanted to let fans know what changes are being made for the final product. They took to Reddit to give the details. Here’s what they said.

Mostly Nerfs

Fog of War, the new mini-map mechanic that allows players to more easily see what’s going on around them and their teammates, was the first to see a nerf.

Treyarch believes that this addition proved to be much too powerful, so they are making some changes. First, the Fog of War reveal circle will now be a cone that represents your field of view. It won’t reveal characters hidden behind walls, however, so you will have to have actually seen the enemy for them to appear on the minimap. You’ll also have to spend a Create-a-Class point on it now. They’re going to add an indicator to your HUD to let you know if you’ve been spotted via the Fog of War as well. The red dots marking enemies on the mini-map will disappear faster now, and will no longer reveal that an enemy is in the process of firing.

Treyarch will also tone down the new Tac-Deploy system a bit. For starters, it won’t last as long.┬áIt will only allow 10 people to spawn from it before it breaks now, and will spread players out a bit more when they use it. A notification on the death cam will let players know when a Tac-Deploy is active nearby. Another notification will pop for when you spawn to let you know if there’s danger around.

Body Armor also needed a nerf, and to do so, they will be making a bunch of changes to it. First, explosives will now to a ton of damage against armor. Armor also acts more as a stint to taking damage, rather than negating it completely. In addition, they will be giving players who take down an Armored foe an extra +25 score reward. And they’re thinking about adding some other disadvantages to using armor, like movement speed slowdowns and area of protection reductions.

Small Stuff

Players outraged by the free moving cursor fear not — there will now be an option to remove it. Instead, you’ll be able to navigate with the D-pad. Treyarch will implement a system to see the enemy loadout into the KillCam as well.

Treyarch also wants to reduce the number of spawn issues that came up during the Beta. They are working to reduce the percentage of “bad spawns” as well. These are spawns in which people get wounded or even killed within three seconds.

Due to a bug that had players unable to progress past level 34 during the Beta, Treyarch will be rewarding any player who made it to 34 with the permanent unlock token instead of just to those who made it to max level.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12. It is available for preorder on each platform’s digital stores, as well as physically. Preordering now will give you access to the upcoming Blackout Beta, which will be accessible through the same download you used for the regular Beta. It will be available to play starting September 10 and will last through the weekend. Blackout is the new Battle Royale mode coming to Black Ops 4. It will have a large number of players (Treyarch has yet to confirm that it will be 100) parachuting onto a large island and fighting to the last man standing.