Blankos Block Party Combines MMOs With Vinyl Toys

So have you ever wondered about the existence of vinyl toys in a world like Toy Story, with designer figures coming alive as well? Developers Mythical Games have, apparently, as that’s the setup behind their new MMO, Blankos Block Party. The developers have even gone so far as to team up with artists and creators all over the world to make virtual figures for the game that you can actually earn and keep, or even trade them with other players.

As for the game itself, as the title implies, what we have is a never-ending party. It’s a colorful universe where players can let their insanity and creativity run amok, crafting new world and games to play with friends. Blankos Block Party will be free-to-play (with in-game cosmetics and limited edition Blankos to purchase, though), and will come out for the PC later (though the developer hasn’t seemed to rule out other platforms later), with the first Beta coming late this Summer.