Blasphemous Launch on All Platforms Celebrated with New Trailer

Blasphemous is finally here – and after years of development and rave reviews for its demo, the full game can finally be enjoyed. Blasphemous is best described as a classic Castlevania-like game meshed with Dark Souls. It goes for more of a 32-bit sprite art style with tons of detail – which makes things like characters being ripped in half that much more disturbing. It is a dark and violent game but also one that aims to challenge players to get better with every death. The game is available now on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One for $24.99. Early birds can save 10% across all platforms. If you want the complete experience, you can save 16% and get the get, OST, comic, artbook, and a new skin for $31.90 – which is the best overall value if you’re a PC user.