Blaster Master Zero Rolling Out on Steam with Release Date Trailer

One of the great NES games was the original Blaster Master, and while many sequels tried to equal the classic, none of them were particularly good until Blaster Master Zero came along.  Basically a complete remake of the original, Blaster Master Zero added a good number of new toys, bosses and mechanics while still keeping the feel of NES original intact.  It did well enough to warrant a sequel earlier this year in the form of Blaster Master Zero 2, but even so it was only available on the Switch. That’s about to change next month with the release of Blaster Master Zero on Steam, announced today during Inti Creates’ panel at Momocon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Blaster Master Zero is the story of the boy Jason and his tank Sophia III, searching out a mutant-infested series of caverns for a lost frog.  It’s a timeless story of loyalty to a pet and the joys of blasting monsters and platforming through giant caves in a tank, with occasional dungeon areas where Jason takes a more direct approach due to the entrance being too small for Sophia III to get through.  Sure, there’s a world-saving quest that happens to take place simultaneously with the frog hunt, but the world is strong while a frog is worryingly squishable.

Take a look at the trailer below to get ready for Blaster Master Zero’s June 14 Steam release:

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