Bleak Sword DX Announced For Switch and PC

Back in 2019, Devolver Digital and developers more8bit debuted Bleak Sword, an original mobile title for Apple Arcade that really showed off just how impressive and diverse mobile games could be. But like other former Apple Arcade exclusives such as Grindstone and Exit the Gungeon, it appears it can’t be contained to just Apple Arcade anymore, as evidenced by today’s announcement of Bleak Sword DX. As seen below, the game is keeping the bleakness but adding more content and hopping to new platforms.

This version of the monochrome fantasy action game will not only feature improvements to gameplay and graphics, but it also sees the addition of three new modes: DX, featuring the original quest to lift the titular sword’s curse and its three previously-released DLC chapters, all with new level and enemy layouts; Randomizer, which as the name suggests, is a version of the original game where aspects like bosses and level progression are randomized; And Boss Rush, which sees you facing all twelve bosses in a row with only a single health bar. Bleak Sword DX isn’t forgetting its handheld roots, though, as it’s heading to the Switch and PC, notably emphasizing the Steam Deck when it comes to the latter. Bleak Sword DX will be due out later this year, though a demo is currently up as a part of Steam Next Fest for all to check out.