Blightbound Wolfpack Update Unleashes New Heroes, Loot

The Creeping Blight dungeon has opened, and its discovery bring a host of new content to Blightbound. The Wolfpack Update’s dungeon won’t be easily conquered; there are several new elite champions guarding its many valuable treasures. These champions include “Shellrot,” “Coward Osmund” and “Haven the Deserter.”

Players won’t have to take on the Creeping Blight dungeon all on their own though. The Wolfpack Update has brought in two new recruits to helpĀ  players make it through. The first of these is Karrogh; he’s the very definition of a warrior, charging headfirst into the enemy and bolstering his allies. The other new addition is Karrogh’s mother: Wodania. She can both support the party with smoke bombs and inflict major pain upon the enemy via magic and knives. There are new items to seek out and equip as well while advancing the Blightbound story. The Wolfpack Update doesn’t appear to be a game-changer, but this is still a healthy amount of free new content.

Blightbound is available now on PC.