Blocky Bugs in a Cubic World with Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

The end of the world is practically an annual occurrence in the world of Earth Defense Force.  The aliens come in uncountable numbers sending swarms of giant ants, spiders, and an assortment of immense robots and kaiju against a planet that was in no way ready for an invasion.  The world gets stomped flat and then the indomitable courage of the EDF turns the tide, saving the planet for the remains of a decimated humanity.  The long running series has risen from cult fandom to critical success and even taken a few excursions during the multi-year gaps between one mainline entry and the next.  While Earth Defense Force 6 is in development, today’s announcement is for a much cuter decimation of the planet in the form of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers.

EDF: World Brothers is a voxelized take on the bug-shooting action, set in a world blasted into chunks by the force of the invasion.  In the past EDF has been set mostly in Japan, with the occasional diversion into battlefields that could be anywhere, but World Brothers is a cube-trotting tour of the broken lands of the world, fighting in fragments of the US, England, China, Egypt, and many other landmarks.  Adding to the diversity is a huge cast of soldiers to recruit, over a hundred from the various games in EDF’s past plus brand-new members reporting for duty to build your own personalized squad from.  There are a lot of other questions left unanswered at the moment, such as if the enemy density can remain as crazy-packed as a mainline title, but there’s unquestionably a playful sense of fun in the new trailer.  Give it a look below, and prepare for a very different cubepocalypse.