Blood Sport Controller Makes You Pay For Taking a Hit…With Your Blood

Brand and Grotesque’s Blood Sport, a controller that actually draws blood from your arm when you take damage in a game, is now up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Yes, you heard that right.

Similar to the rumble pack, Blood Sport activates electrical signals in the controller when you take a hit in-game, though instead of force feedback, the controller starts a blood-drawing mechanism.

It sounds absurd and borderline unsafe, but Brand and Grotesque have developed this device for a good cause: blood donation gaming events. The team wants to provide blood drives with the device to get gamers involved in the cause, while also adding a bit of excitement to donating your blood. The team wants to give the new controller exposure specifically during the upcoming release of competitive shooter Battlefield Hardline.

Of course, this device does have its risks, causing the team to require any testers to sign an injury waiver, similar to those for skydiving or karate tournaments. Blood donation paperwork must also be completed for safety purposes.

If you’re up for taking your game to the next level in one of the most physical ways possible, head over to Blood Sport’s Kickstarter and pledge.