Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Showcases Inverted Castle in New Trailer

Ever since Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was first shown off on Kickstarter, Igavania fans have been waiting with baited breath at word of a final release date. Today, the Nintendo Direct focusing on upcoming Switch releases let it be known that the game has a summer 2019 release window across all platforms. Beyond that, we got t see the first footage from the Inverted Castle, something that will no doubt please Symphony of the Night fans. Players of Bloodstained: Circle of the Moon will be able to enjoy more of Miriam as she is the only playable character known so far (although more will be revealed in the game), and with a wide variety of weapons at her disposal – including a summoner-killing whip. Longtime ‘Vania fans will be right at home whether they started with the NES game or fell in love with the series on PlayStation. Koji Igarashi’s vision led to Symphony of the Night completely changing the Castlevania series forever and bringing Metroidvanias into the limelight.

While many games have used Metroidvanias as a framework, none have quite captured the feeling and gameplay flow of an Igavania. The emphasis on RPG-style progression in SOTN still stands out even today, and having a game like that on modern hardware is fantastic. For Switch owners, the experience is even better because you can now enjoy the game wherever you are. The Belmont clan had their battles with Dracula in his many forms, and now Miriam has to battle the summoner Gebel and his minions when Ritual of the Night launches this summer on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Linux.