Body Horror Glitchfest Mosh Pit Simulator Gets Release Date Trailer

Everything is breakable.  Windows, cars, buildings, people, cities, and even the entire planet if you hit it with something big enough, all shatter, fracture, and crumble to bits.  While Mosh Pit Simulator doesn’t grow to a planetary scale it does give you a small city one kilometer square to wreak havoc in, throwing things at other things or attaching rockets to whatever’s handy and launching it into anything that might get in its way.  The city is also infested with herky-jerky flesh-suit people, indestructible and without a single nerve ending to feel pain and therefore completely abuse-able.  Punch one into the sun, drop them off helicopters, stuff a pile of them in a car and stick a couple dozen rockets on the outside to send it through a building and they’ll be fine.  Probably.  If not there’s plenty more where they came from so no real harm done.

Mosh Pit Simulator is a giant toybox of destructive possibility, setting you free in a VR world to build things and then destroy them in any creative way you want.  The genderless naked flesh-goons are just going about their twitchy business but they’re creepy-weird so perfect subjects for a little light sadism.  Oddly there is also, per the release date trailer below, at least one dog with the same affliction as the people, and while watching it flail along is fairly entertaining the bit where it’s being hit with a stop sign is… no.  Maybe it’s down to personal sense of humor but bears are funny, sharks are funny, small dogs not so much.  It’s a half-second off note in a video of wonderful madness, and thankfully the rest of the game promises to be about being as randomly chaotic as possible.  Mosh Pit Simulator is coming out January 15, and the release trailer below shows it in all its spasming glitchfest glory.