Bomber Crew Developer Reveals Galactic Sequel Space Crew

Back in 2017, indie developer Runner Duck released their debut title Bomber Crew on PC, a small-scale real time management title that sees players directing a team that is running a World War II bomber plane, which eventually made its way to PS4, Xbox One and Switch the following year.

Now, the two-person British studio has returned with a “direct sequel” to Bomber Crew, which transports players to the far future and sees them managing a Star Trek-inspired spaceship crew in the fittingly titled Space Crew. Check out the official reveal trailer below, which debuted as part of the Future Games Show earlier today and features a taste of the chaotic and comedic sci-fi action that lies ahead in the full release.

Space Crew prepares for liftoff in September on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, with a Steam demo inbound next week.