Borderlands 3 Receives Packed Trailer

Despite some technical delays during the Gearbox livestream, the event culminated with a huge trailer for Borderlands 3. Fans were going crazy while watching the video and for good reason! The new title has been in the making for years and highly anticipated by players.

The brand new trailer for Borderlands 3 has a lot packed into it. New villains, big baddies, billion of guns, interesting characters, seemingly vast locations and more are all included. Of course there is a selection of new Vault Hunters to choose and start your adventure. There isn’t much known to the story but you get a good sense of things just by how the trailer progresses. There is something going on and you’ll have to be the one to stop it. It’s an exciting time to be a Borderlands fan.

Watch almost four minutes of brand new footage below. There is action and humor mixed together which is exactly the Borderlands we all know and love. No release date for Borderlands 3 has been announced, stay tuned for more information.