Boyfriend Dungeon Kickstarter Goes Live with Gorgeous Trailer

The indie studio Kitfox Games latest title, Boyfriend Dungeon, is now live on Kickstarter and receives a saucy trailer to go with it.

Dungeon crawling is always fun with all sorts of loot and treasures, awaiting any stalwart adventurer and sometimes finding that perfect weapon means falling love. Boyfriend Dungeon is taking it a step up because those weapons aren’t just a shiny trinket, but will come to life into living breathing beings whom are just looking to be taken on all sorts of dates.

The new trailer to announce the Kickstarter showcases some new faces such as Sawyer the Glaive, Boyfriend Dungeon’s first non-binary character, or maybe a feline friend is more one’s speed with Pocket, the cat whom is also Brass Knuckles and doesn’t need romantic love but just some good platonic head scratches.

See the wonderful new trailer for Boyfriend Dungeon below and go support Kitfox Games latest title on Kickstarter; those weapons won’t date themselves.