Brand New Event Coming to WWE Supercard

Cat Daddy Games and 2K Games are introducing a new event in its WWE Supercard mobile game. Known as Last Man Standing, the team decided to shake things up with a new mode since it has been some time since an addition. Last Man Standing is a solo event that focuses on clearing progressively more challenging Arenas while simultaneously competing against players on a Leaderboard. The deck of choice in the card game will focus on a players’ top 12 cards. Players will be placed into an Arena with up to 25 cards. Once in the Arena, players will start to flip over cards in search of an opponent. Once selected, players will then battle it out for one quick match that will earn points if they win, meanwhile losing will deduct a heart. Once all hearts are gone, the game is over. Clearing the board will advance the player to another Arena and dish out rewards in the process. Finally, players can either store points won throughout the Arena or press their luck for a higher streak multiplier. Losing or hitting an obstacle will results in all points being lost. The first Last Man Standing event begins on Thursday, April 19 and lasts until Sunday, April 22.