Brand New Pokémon Appearing and Disappearing in Pokémon Go

Although quite mysterious in every way, shape and form a brand new Pokémon has started to appear for some trainers in Go. What started in Japan at the end of their Chikorita community was the interesting appearance of something completely new – an unnamed Pokémon who transformed into Ditto upon being caught. Some players in Australia were also seeing this Pokémon as well before it disappeared. The most mysterious part is this Pokémon wasn’t given a name, and although it at first almost seemed like a mistake that it was released the head of global marketing for Niantic tweeted out a picture of the Pokémon with three question marks for its name, giving the illusion that it’s still a mystery in the making. Not long after all this, the Pokémon began showing up as Kecleon but would still transform into Ditto before being caught. It’s unknown now if it was a straight up accident or what exactly is going on, but it’s leaving players more intrigued than ever.

As of now we don’t have anymore information on this brand new Pokémon, but those interested can check out the official tweet with it right here.