Breakwaters Coming to Early Access, Celebrates with Boat Trailer

It’s hard to overstate what an incredible substance water is.  It gets bigger when it freezes instead of shrinks, dissolves a huge amount of substances and yet is also vital for life as we know it, and the temperature range we evolved in means that we make use of it in solid, liquid, and gaseous states.  Get enough water in one place and someone is bound to want to float on it, whether that be cooling off in a backyard pool or setting sail for adventure across the oceans of the world.  Breakwater is an open-world adventure game about using water to hunt down and defeat island-sized titans, playing with it in traditional and unique ways to get the world to respond the way you need.

One of water’s primary features, for example is the way it settles to the lowest point available, but with proper crystal usage you can carve out walls of water and make crossing the Red Sea part of a daily routine.  Water also simply doesn’t compress down to a smaller state, but you can somehow fit a huge amount in a standard bottle and use it to flood fields or enemy encampments.  Surviving the procedurally-generated oceans of Breakwaters’ worlds means always thinking about the best way to use its water, whether that be to create pools, use a system of pumps and reservoirs to irrigate crops and drive machinery,  wash away enemies, or just sail across it.

Breakwaters has been in development for a while and released more than a few videos showcasing the game and its water physics, and rather than do the traditional epic gameplay trailer today’s Early Access release date announcement for November 11 came with a look at boats.  Sailing, docking, outfitting, ship-to-ship combat, and more are all dependent on a good ride, and while the boat in today’s video doesn’t look like it would do too well on the wide-open ocean it’s more than good enough for sailing from one island to the next.  It’s a big open ocean-y world, and getting through it means using the water in every way imaginable and maybe a few that aren’t.