Broken Age Soundtrack Available Alongside Game’s Launch

Kickstarter wasn’t always an incredibly well-known crowdfunding site. It was when Double Fine’s “Adventure” game project hit the web that gamers everywhere tripped all over themselves to pledge. In the end, they raised over three million dollars. If you’re part of the backer elite, you’ve already been able to get your hands on Broken Age Part 1 since the 14th.

Those who didn’t help fund the project will be able to finally start playing on January 28th. The official soundtrack is also set to be made available. You’ll be able to snag the digital album via BandCamp. In the meantime, a few tracks from Broken Age are available on Peter McConnell’s Soundcloud.

McConnell is no stranger to adventure games. He has previously composed soundtracks for Grim Fandango, the Monkey Island series, and Psychonauts.