Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons IP Finds New Home With 505 Games

Starbreeze had a nice little surprise hit on its hands with the game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It was a heartfelt and moving title that resonated well with many gamers willing to dip their toe into the somewhat unpredictable independent game scene. Despite its success, Starbreeze has elected to sell the title to 505 Games for a sum of $500,000. The sale will include both the trademarks and domain names in addition to full entitlement to the game itself. The CEO of Starbreeze, Bo Andersson Clint, had the following to say about the sale:

“The sale represents our final transition to the digital strategy. With Brothers we’ve created a strong and critically acclaimed IP, which we now feel can be best nurtured under a new owner. Going forward, we will continue development focused on expansive design, a concept proven with the PAYDAY-franchise. Brothers will continue to generate awe and admiration for the great storytelling standard Josef Fares set under 505 Games watchful eye.”

We are not sure how much more “nurturing” a game like this needs, as it has already been developed and published for quite some time and the story of the game didn’t really leave much room for a sequel. There is as of yet no word on what 505 Games intends to do with the title.