Buddy Simulator 1984 Brings Friendship to Consoles with Reveal Trailer

Already available on Nintendo Switch and PC, Buddy Simulator 1984 is back to share the love with console players. Originally released in 2021, Buddy Simulator uses AI technology to simulate the experience of hanging out with a best friend. The buddy learns from us and constantly adapts to our interests and personality. But most importantly, the buddy can play games with you. Buddy Simulator 1984 brings all the enjoyment of having a best friend while constantly reminding us of the existential dread in life — all without having to leave your home! Buddy Simulator 1984 is not all it appears on the surface, as players will encounter a journey that is both surprisingly cheerful and equally uneasy. Buddy Simulator 1984 heads to Xbox and PlayStation on April 6.

Everything is fine in the reveal trailer below:

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