Build Your Own Bento Bundle Hits Fanatical

A bento box is usually used as a lunchtime treat in Japan to take care of hunger, and now you can build your own bento box full of Japan-inspired games to satiate a need to mash some buttons. The buildable nature of it allows you to grab three games for $5.99, five for $8.99, and 10 games for $14.99. The vailable games include Dusk Diver, Gun Gun Pixies, Gal Gun Double Peace, Nigate Tale, NG, Tokyo Xanadu,, Zengon, Whiteday, Chaos Code, Fight ‘n Rage, Death Mark, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX, Xuan-Yuan Sword, Sword and Fairy, Empire of Angels IV, and Valthirian Arc.

There’s a healthy blend of fanservice games with Gal Gun and Gun Gun Pixiex mixed in with some action-centric RPGs like Dusk Diver and Zengon. Fighting fans will enjoy the side-scrolling Fight ‘n Rage, while fighting game fans can get a lot out of Chaos Code, Guilty Gear, and Arcana Heart 3.