Build Your Own Nitro Bundle 2 Hits Fanatical

A new Nitro bundle has available and offers up some massive deals on some high-quality racing games. The build your own bundle format allows you to buy one game for $1, five games for $2.99, and 10 games for $4.99. The available games include Nippon Marathon, Trailblazers, REKT, Truck Racer, Antigraviator, V-Rally 4, Brakes Are For Losers, Zombie Driver HD Complete, MegaRace 1/2, ’80s Overdrive, Insane 2, Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, Doodle Derby, BangBang Racing, Garfield Racing: Furious Karting, Dino Run DX, GRIP, and CLUTCH.

There’s a ton of futuristic racing fun here between the MegaRace games, Antigraviator, Trailblazers, and GRIP – with some arcade-style fun with ’80s Overdrive. That set of games alone is worth picking up, but those wanting kart racing thrills can find something to enjoy with Garfield Racing and overhead racing fans will love BangBang Racing. The Nitro bundles are generally fantastic and that holds true here.

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