Building All the Things in New My Time at Portia Trailer

It’s been a good journey for My Time at Portia, starting at a successful Kickstarter with a follow-up Early Access launch that’s seen multiple large updates and dozens of smaller ones.  The game is progressing nicely to full release at a still-unknown time in the future, and in celebration of… um… steady progress?  Anyway, there’s a new trailer out featuring the crafting system, showing a nice selection of the many things you can build from all those resources you gather throughout the game.

My Time at Portia is a Harvest Moon-like adventure where you move to a new town and try to settle into your new workshop home.  In classic genre fashion the place is completely run down, a shadow of its former self, but through pluck, grit, hard work, and a chipper can-do attitude you can transform the place into something bigger and grander than it ever was before.  I’ll admit I haven’t touched the game since its Kickstarter demo days, but I enjoyed it quite a bit and am constantly tempted by each new update to dive in again instead of waiting for the full thing.  Portia is a lovely place to visit with plenty of locals to befriend, seasonal events, and all the standard trappings of its genre rendered in a friendly, inviting art style.  Check out the trailer below, and if it catches your fancy there’s a generously-huge multi-hour demo available on the Steam page that’s well worth checking out.