Building the Perfect Sandwich Machine in Automachef Launch Trailer

Food is constructed of many ingredients but “love” isn’t one of them.  All that’s necessary is the right pieces assembled in the correct fashion to get pleasing uniform results with every completed dish.  It’s so simple there’s just no need for a human involvement in any part except the eating.  Automachef is about creating the perfect restaurant, one with no workers and lightning-fast, energy-efficient consumable product assembly and output, and the trick is figuring out the best way to use the available space and parts.  Conveyor belts whisk ingredients from dispensers, dumb robo-arms move anything they sense onto grills, smart robo-arms wait for the food to be done before removing it from the grill and sending it on its way, etc.  It’s not particularly hard when a hot dog needs a bun and grilled dog sent though the assembler, but when a Space Age meal wants bread toasted then cut into croutons for the salad, another piece of bread processed into crumbs for the chicken coating, plus multiple other vegetables, sauces, and other ingredients all requiring their own prep work before being packaged into the box, there’s a certain amount of planning required to make it all come together.

Automachef was released today on Switch and PC and it’s a deep but highly entertaining bout of production management.  The menus are a bit fiddly and for the life of me I’ve no idea how to remove an unwanted piece of machinery (usually I’d head into the key-rebind menu to see which buttons do what but Automachef doesn’t have one) but, with good planning and careful assembly, it can be incredibly satisfying to create and debug a massive series of devices with the only goal being to make people fed and happy.  And maybe take over the Earth for robot-kind, but mostly the happiness thing.