Bullet Hell Boss-Rush Itta Debuts Announcement Trailer

The problem with Evil is that, aside from the whole “I got mine you die now” ethos, is that brutality is dumb.  People survive and remember, and sometimes they even do something to ensure it never happens to anyone else again.  Or at least it never happens from the same source, at least.  When Itta survives the killing of her family by an undefined evil she chases after it, aided by the ghost of her cat.  Cat-ghost is much more helpful after death than it ever was in life (aside from the warm and floofy and purring thing) and provides a spirit revolver capable of damaging the monstrous bosses responsible for the sorry state of the world.

Each boss takes a bit of questing after, figuring out where it is and how to get there, and then a twin-stick bullet-hell battle takes place with Itta eventually gathering a varied arsenal of ethereal weaponry to take them down.  While the game in its standard mode promises to be brutally tough, this isn’t a hardcore-only, git gud or git gone type of affair.  The story is meant to be played by anyone who wants to see it, so the game comes complete with a nice set of toggle-able upgrades such as damage multipliers and even invincibility.  Want to see the pretty patterns of firepower while exploring a lovely pixel-art landscape?  By all means, please do!  The challenge is there for those who want to put in the practice, and maybe not having artificial walls of difficulty might make it easier for people to enjoy practicing enough to play it straight.

Itta is scheduled to come out some time in 2020, but seeing as it’s a one-developer game there’s no set release yet.  For now, though, take a look at the trailer below, although major unpleasantness warning- dead cat in the first 14 seconds, spirit cat pops up glowing and perky at the 0:15 mark.  And then Itta’s trailer gets down to the explore, chat, and shoot that’s the heart of the game.