Bungie to Unveil Destiny 2’s Next Expansion on June 9

Bungie today announced when players can expect the announcement of Destiny 2’s next expansion.

Mark your calendars for June 9 at 9am PDT. At that time, Bungie will fully unveil the next major expansion for Destiny 2. To make the wait more agonizing, Bungie released a short teaser for the expansion, hinting at what players can expect.

The teaser shows Eris Morn trudging through snow with the planet Jupiter in the background. It is likely that she is on Europa, one of Jupiter’s icy moons. Backing this up is the fact that Bungie has created and released concept art of Europa. It could be the that a key to defeating the Darkness resides on Europa.

Destiny 2’s next expansion is widely believed to be introducing the Darkness into the game. Several new cutscenes, audio, the end of Shadowkeep, and clues sprinkled throughout the seasons all point to them entering our solar system in time for the next expansion. The arrival might means we finally get a new faction of enemies to fight.

Be sure to check back next week for the full reveal.