BurgerTime Party! Coming West in Time For Fall Cookouts

Most of the time, sequel announcements aren’t really all that shocking. These days, a sequel is almost a given for any game that sells well. Surprises can still happen from time to time though; such was the case with ID’s Rage 2 or Rare’s Battletoads last year. Then there are the games that come completely out of left-field, games that no one would expect to see coming; games like G-Mode’s Burger Time Party!, for example.

As described by the developer, BurgerTime Party! is a re-imagining of  Data East’s arcade game from 1982. Players will once again put their chef’s hats as Peter Pepper and attempt to build as many burgers as possible. The game will include over 100 stages to clear, and it will support co-op with up to four players. Additional players can even compete against Chef Pepper and his allies as Food Foes.

XSEED Games will be handling BurgerTime Party!’s western release, and fans in the region can expect to see the game release on Nintendo Switch sometime in Fall 2019.

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