Burn It All In Bonfire Peaks Announcement Trailer

How much stuff is too much stuff?  That’s down to personal opinion, but anyone who’s ever tried to move knows that less stuff is better than more.  “Does this bring me joy?” is a question that that can be answered differently one moment to the next, but eventually everything gets left behind.  The protagonist of Bonfire Peaks is being a bit more proactive about about it than normal, although why he decided to burn it all in the most inconvenient way possible is as yet unexplained.  He’s got boxes of stuff, there are bonfires on top of peaks, and the one needs to go into the other.

It would be a bit easier, maybe, with non-voxel mountains.  On a regular mountain you just find a nice slope and head on up, but a voxel mountain means you need to use rises one block high.  Those can be stepped up easily, but otherwise you’ll need to find boxes to create stairs.  It doesn’t help that carrying a crate of stuff means you’re now a being two blocks long with the legs in the rear half, so it’s necessary to walk up to a one-block-wide ledge backwards.  Stuff gotta burn, though, so no matter how puzzling the terrain gets there’s bound to be a way to dispose of all the accumulated junk that’s built up over the years.  Check out the trailer below to get a hint of the cathartic pyromania puzzle-action ahead.