Buy Thomas Was Alone or Project Zomboid and Help Save a Life

Chloe Sagal is an indie developer who created the freeware game Homesick and needs life-saving surgery after complications from a car accident – details on all of that can be found on her IndieGogo page. Her goal is to get $36,000 in about a month, and the indie gaming community is doing quite a bit to help her reach that goal. The creators of Project Zombiod have stated that any money made for the game over the next few days will go towards her cause — so for as little as $8, you can help out or you can spend up to $50 depending on the tier you purchase.

If that game doesn’t seem like something you’d enjoy, then maybe the puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone is. Anyone who purchases that game directly from the creator’s site gets a DRM-free version of the game as well as a Steam key for it, and all profits from the game’s will go to help her. If you’d like to just help her and not receive any kind of gaming stuff, or perhaps do a bit of everything, then you can donate directly to the cause on her previously-linked IndieGogo page. Many props should also go to the fine folks over at NeoGAF for compiling so much information on this and doing their part to spread the word and help her out as well.