Cadence of Hyrule Receiving Three-Part DLC Expansion

Many players were introduced to fighting to the rhythm through the Necrodancer spin-off Cadence of Hyrule. Now players looking to get even more have a brand new DLC package to dance their way through! The DLC expansion is coming in three individual sets with the first being made available later today. The first pack includes a handful of new characters such as Impa, Aria and Shadow Link. The second brings 39 new songs to dance along side, so players can listen to amazing new Zelda remixes like never before. Finally the last is Symphony of the Mask, where players take on the role of Skull Kid in an entirely new map. There’s also a physical addition coming on October 23 for those looking to add it to their collection.

The first set will be available later today individually with the other two releasing before October. A season pass with bonus costumes will also be made available later today as well. Check out the reveal trailer below: