Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12: Going Dark Now Available

Activision has launched the next season of Call of Duty: Mobile. Season 12: Going Dark, which released at 5pm PT on November 10, comes with a new map, a new Legendary Character named Dark Nikto, a new Battle Royale Class, the new Launcher Plus perk, two new weapons in the AGR556 and .50 GS, new operator skill called Ballistic Shield, and more.

Ported over from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, fan favorite map Hackney Yards will, along with Crash and Summit, be available as a nighttime map, bringing an entirely different set of tactics, affording more opportunities to use the element of surprise to gain the upper hand against their opponents. The so-called Night Mode matches also bring back the Attack of the Dead playlist, with zombie players no longer glowing in the dark, as in the previous iteration, allowing these undead aberrations to blend into the night. This change appears to be designed to encourage a more cooperative approach for gamers looking to avoid themselves becoming undead lurkers.

Much more new content is promised, as well as a new Battle Pass, a Knights Divided Themed Event – in which red and blue compete to conquer territory, with available special weapon sets to be earned, along with other rewards for the victors and those who are the most accomplished on either side.

Activision promises incoming deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with discounts on bundles and crates.