‘Call of the Sea’ Developers Reveal Next Game: American Arcadia

Out of the Blue has officially revealed its next project, and it’s something right of “The Truman Show.” In this new game, American Arcadia, players take control two character who were, until recently, under the impression that their lives in the city of Arcadia were their own.  In reality, their city is the setting of a reality TV show that’s been running for decades: “American Arcadia.” To make things worse, all of life’s ups and downs in this show are determined by the audience. If they like a resident, things go well for them.  If the audience dislikes someone though, they’ll start to see their life crumble around them.

American Arcadia’s starring characters have recently been made aware of their real circumstances, and they must now work to escape. For one, that means going on a 2.5D side-scrolling adventure featuring platforming, puzzling and stealth among other things. The other character will have to navigate a 3D environment and hack their way through the city’s systems. Both of these stories will be told documentary style with both character interviews and interrogations as part of it.  Hopefully it all works out.

American Arcadia is currently available to wishlist on Steam, but there is no release window as of yet. In the meantime, check out our Call of the Sea review to learn more about Out of the Blue’s most recent release.

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