Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle Announced For September 18

Among many other things, Capcom made a name for themselves in the late ’80s and ’90s by delivering high-quality arcade brawlers. And now, in a celebration of those classic games, the Capcom Beat ‘Em Bundle has been announced. Grouping together seven classic beat-’em-up games, players can smash through these quarter-munchers either solo or with friends local and online, also complete with art galleries, customizable gameplay options, and more.

The seven games here include Final Fight, Captain Commando, Knights of the Round, the King of Dragons, and Warriors of Fate. But the big news here is the inclusion of Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit. For over two decades, neither game has seen a console release, making them rarities. Now, not only will we finally be able to play these games, we won’t even have to wait long! The Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle is due out on September 18, less than a week from now. And while it was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, it’s coming to all major platforms. In other words, everyone gets a chance to see what made these brawlers worthy of being fondly remembered shortly.