Capcom Says Street Fighter V Online Now ‘Working as Intended’

After a pretty disastrous debut that saw Street Fighter V’s online play completely broken on launch day and spotty throughout the rest of the week — in addition to the barebones single-player offering — Capcom has been working hard to fix up the game’s matchmaking. According to Capcom’s Unity blog, Street Fighter V’s matchmaking has made great strides is now “working as intended.”

“Matchmaking for Ranked and Casual is stable and is working as intended for most users,” Capcom wrote. “Some additional tweaks were made to the servers overnight, so players should actually be getting matches at a much faster rate now as well.”

However, Capcom acknowledged that “this is not the case for everyone, and the amount of matches a user gets can vary by region.” It requested that any players still having issues with matchmaking get in contact and provide details to help Capcom fix the issues.

Capcom also recognized issues players have been having with the game’s Battle Lounge feature and promised fixes for it coming this weekend. As well, Capcom reported that an issue with newly created Fighter IDs not showing up in search has been fixed.

Street Fighter V is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. In our review of the game, we concluded that “even right now, beyond all its rough edges and missing modes, Street Fighter V is a tremendous fighting game at the top of its class.”