Capcom Shares Adorable Customizable Hunter Cards for Monster Hunter Rise

A big part of Monster Hunter titles is the community they build including sharing the in-game guild cards. Those wanting to share details about themselves for the demo, or upcoming full release of Monster Hunter Rise, now have the chance through a rather cute card that the Japanese Monster Hunter account whipped together. It’s worth noting that these cards are entirely in Japanese, but fortunately not too difficult to translate or figure out what each box means.

In this case the first box shown will be the hunter’s name, the second is preference of Palico or Palamute hunting companion, the third is weapons the hunter uses and the last is a space for any extra comments. These are really just for fun, but it might be a nice way to decorate a little card and share with others looking to hunt in the demo and trying to find a team.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on March 26 with the demo out now. Check out the hunter cards below:

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