Card Shark Antes into PC, Switch Tomorrow

Devolver Digital and Nerial are bringing a new kind of card-based adventure to PC and Switch tomorrow. It’s title, “Card Shark,” likely conjures up images of Wild West saloons and unsavory gunmen, but players will actually be thrown into an environment that’s more or less the polar opposite of the old western frontier: 18th-century French high-society.

In Card Shark, players will travel all over France as they try to cheat their way into its highest social circles. “Cheat” absolutely is the operative term here too, as it’s going to take every trick in the book to make it all the way from small town pubs to the King’s Table itself. Players will need to master everything from card marking and deck switching to false deals and shuffles too. There are apparently even more illicit tactics to make use of, but one would do well to make very cautious use of them. Just like in real life, the price for being caught cheating can be very steep indeed.

There’s actually a demo for Card Shark available on both Steam and Switch right now, so those interested in seeing if they have what it takes to bluff with the best of them can try their luck without having to ante in first. For more in-depth impressions right now though, why not have a look at our recent preview?  There’s quite a  lot going on in this one.

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