Castlevania Advance Collection Now Available on Switch eShop

The long-rumored Castlevania Advance Collection was finally confirmed during today’s Nintendo Direct — and surprisingly released on the same day as well. Featuring all three of the Game Boy Advance’s Castlevania games alongside the final SNES entry, it’s an amazing value on the eShop. Dracula X closed out the franchise’s SNES days with a revamped version of Rondo of Blood, while Circle of the Moon was the first portable Igavania in the series. It featured an amazing OST, and while Harmony of Dissonance lacked that, it did brighten up the colors a bit to make it easier to see on the GBA’s non-backlit screen.

Aria of Sorrow is considered one of the best Igavanias in the series and managed to find a happy medium for both a great soundtrack and pleasing graphics. All of the games included have a rewind function and quick save and loading features. A new gallery allows players to see the artwork in more detail and also enjoy each game’s soundtrack alongside see the cast of characters in an encyclopedia. Getting all of this for $20 is a fantastic value.