Cat Daddy Games Announces New Details on WWE Supercard Season 5

Every autumn, the mobile game that is dedicated to the WWE Universe, WWE Supercard, progresses to a new season. This card game is free-to-play, and offers daily and weekly game modes to keep fans grinding for new and better cards. When ever a new Season arrives, the structure of the game gets overhauled. Last year for Season 4, we saw the introduction of a few new game modes including the Elimination Chamber. Today, Cat Daddy has outlined some major changes to the upcoming Season 5. The biggest will be that new comers will automatically start off on the Hardened Tier of cards. They will also get an Ultimate Level starting deck and will face Ultimate-ish opponents. Hardened will essentially be the new base level of the game. Even if you’re not new, all players will be granted the Ultimate Deck when Season 5 begins. This will also include rewards based on how long you’ve been playing the game.

The team wants to shore up the low level cards that current players receive. They really serve no purpose at this point. “The reason for the tier shakeup is pretty simple. We want players – both new and vets – to jump into the game and quickly be more competitive than they are right now. Currently in Season 4 (S4), players are collecting thousands of cards across minor tiers that no longer play prominent roles in the design of the game anymore. Training with these cards has also become tedious, as higher tier cards soak up so much XP.” The team is noting that Hardened is not replacing the Common tier, but the focus is on shifting the starting point. The Common tier were launch cards way back in 2014. Legacy Cards will have a place in the game and will still be available in when Season 5 begins. No official date has been announced for when Season 5 begins.