Catan Forges onto Switch Today

Fans of the long-running Catan series of board games can now easily take their favorite strategy and settlement game on the go. Catan has come to Nintendo Switch, and it’s making full use of the hybrid system’s capabilities.

Catan is pretty faithful rendition of the classic board game. Players are competing to settle the newly-discovered land of Catan, and they must do so in a way that sees them gain the lion’s share of territory and resources. Diplomacy, trade, and even just strategic building are all viable ways to gain supremacy.

Catan on Switch offers player the usual, local play one would expect from a board game, and it also takes it two steps further with a unique single-player campaign and online multiplayer. Players can also enjoy the “Seafarers” expansion and customize their boards and pieces by choosing from several different designs. Board games can be difficult to get into these days, but this might make it a little easier.

Catan is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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