Cavern Kings Hits Second Funding Goal, Updates with New Challenges to Excavate

Cavern Kings – the adorable, challenging roguelike platformer from Vine – has just hit 7500$ on its Kickstarter, tripling its goal in two weeks! The most recent beta update, beta 16, added five more powerups to the game’s existing 20, a new boss, two new level types and a handful of balance changes.

Reaching the $5000 and $7500 goals means players will have access to offline multiplayer, new game modes, and tons of new enemies to encounter as the game continues to evolve. For the immediate future, the developer has promised new characters, an intense new dynamic camera system, and some tweaks to the game’s existing and new mechanics.

Offering at least three digging tools (which double as melee weapons), a handful of weapons and 25(!) powerups, Cavern Kings and its brand of randomly generated, high-action chaos is a game for any adrenaline junkie seeking a new conquest.