CCCP Reveals Tactical RPG The Last Spell

French developers CCCP have been in the gaming business for quite a while, but arguably landed on the radar of more gamers last year with their successful survival game Dead in Vinland. And now they’re ready to strike radars again with their new tactical RPG, The Last Spell. And the fact that they describe it as the illegitimate daughter of Final Fantasy Tactics and Dynasty Warriors certainly spikes some curiosity, to say the least.

The titular spell in question refers to a spell needed to be rid of The Cataclysm, a mysterious mist that produces several hellish monsters. And as seen in the reveal trailer below, the “several” part is highly emphasized. That would likely be where the Dynasty Warriors influence comes from, while the turn-based tactics makes up the other part of the game’s DNA. So strategic thinking is a necessity, but as the game also has roguelike elements with procedurally generated enemies, expect to still die quite a bit while defending the circle needed to cast the spell. But hey, at least The Algorithm will provide a kickass metal soundtrack for your death. No release window has been announced yet, but stay tuned for more on The Last Spell before it arrives on PC and Switch in the future.

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