CCP Announces Project Aurora

EVE Online has a diehard audience filled with some frighteningly dedicated people that scare me with their ruthlessness. One problem they run into is not being able to play when they are away from their PC. CCP is looking to fix that with their just announced Project Aurora for iOS and Android.

Intended to be a condensed EVE Online experience, and one that is separated from the main game, the game puts players into a giant map with one goal: reach the center of the galaxy in the quest for untold riches.

While it is set away from the core game, CCP, working with developer PlayRaven, are ensuring that all of the key components that makes EVE what it is are present. Players will engage in tactical fleet management and combat, mining (including moons), research skills, engage in territory wars and exploration, all in an open political sandbox that is sure to cause more than a few popped veins. It’s in Pre-Alpha status right now, but it does have the appearance of being a solid mobile title. As EVE Vegas 2017 attendees are invited to jump in and ruin each other’s vacation, keep an eye open for a more in depth preview coming from this site.