Celebrate Google’s 15th Birthday By Playing a Game

Google has been blazing the trails of the web for fifteen years and shows no signs of stopping. Today, you can play with an interactive logo banner. The letters are celebrating the achievement with a game of piñata whacking. Tap on the spacebar to give it a smack, with the key to gaining a candy score to hit the star right on the front. Once the stick is in range, right at the tip, the piñata bursts with more candy flying out. It’s a fun way to waste time, but probably won’t equal the amount of time wasted with their Pac-Man game.

This birthday bash came with an announcement. The company unveiled a project they’ve implemented since last month. Hummingbird is an upgraded search engine that will allow for more complex questions to be answered. They’ve also been fine tuning the voice search option, allowing for detection of accents so searches won’t be hindered. The new search algorithm will bring results straight to Google’s front page. Most content will be available without having to search through more website, changing the way we browse the web. Can’t wait for Google’s twentieth birthday.